About Explore Group

About Explore Group and Our Operations -

Explore Group actively operates and invests in promising enterprises. Our business is built on maintaining honesty, transparency, and fiduciary responsibility to our employees, customers, and trade partners. Our primary logistics business operates through three primary divisions - Dry Bulk, Liquids, and OTR; comprised of 4 separate business entities across 8 states.

Our due diligence and commitment to our customers allows them to know their materials will be coordinated safely and efficiently from inception to billing.

Asset Based Logistics - Energy, OTR, Drayage

Utilize our transportation assets, owner-operator relationships, extensive carrier network, and back-office support for your equipment needs. We have extensive ability and experience to provide Chassis, Pneumatic, Hopper, Water, Crude, Refrigerated, Dry Van and Power-Only services. Our Team also has combined 40 Years Experience managing and developing Pipeline and Rail Operations & Logistics.

Upstream Supply & Distribution

In addition to sand logistics-only services, we are a supplier of Regional, Northern White, and Specialty Sands. Leveraging our purchasing power and relationships, we have the ability to meet your project’s needs, on time and under budget. We are also a distributor of completion and production chemicals. Our preferred Delivery System for Dry Bulk Materials is Prop-X, which has been developed through an alignment and partnership with Prop-X over the past 5 years. We are also able to provide conveyor and silo options.

Crude Logistics Services

In addition to logistics-only crude oil services, Explore is a gatherer and marketer of crude oil and related petroleum products. Our team has combined 100 years’ experience transporting and marketing petroleum products, including truck, rail, barge, and pipe logistics.

Dispatchers, Coordinators & Schedulers

Leverage our logistics team's experience for seamless delivery of sand to the wellhead on-time and under budget.

"Utilizing our vast transportation network and logistics experience, we supply transportation and coordination of proppant delivered to the wellhead. By providing a combination of company owned assets and reliable third-party carriers, we are able to provide reliable, cost effective solutions."