Explore Sand Logistics offers well maintained, dependable equipment; and employ highly experienced coordinators, dispatchers & operators whose capabilities are leveraged by our state of the art technology. Our quality management team has more than 50 years combined experience running Box, Silo, and On-Site Stock Pile Delivery Solutions
In addition to our Asset-Based trucking Services, we provide logistics-only services utilizing a large network of dependable third party transporters and Explore's Trailer & Equipment Leasing Business. We are a supplier of Regional, Northern White, and Specialty Sands. Leveraging our own mine, as well as purchasing power and relationships with others, we have the ability to meet your project’s needs. We are also a distributor of completion and production chemicals. We are able to provide both box and silo solutions for on-site sand storage. Our preferred box solution for Dry Bulk Materials is Prop-X, which has been developed through an alignment and partnership with Prop-X over the past 5 years. Our preferred Silo Solutions through equipment partner Solaris Oilfield Inrastructure, maximizes payload and keeps forklifts off location. Both Systems have the capability to run dry and wet sand.