Work With Us!

Our rapidly growing business is always looking for experienced and hard-working individuals to join our rewarding team. At Explore Group, we’re proud to provide safe transportation solutions for companies across the globe. If you have a desire to learn, work hard, work safe and provide insight into improving practices and operating procedures; we invite you to apply today!


  • Sand Haulers: 1+ Years Experience
  • Crude Haulers: 3+ Years Experience
  • Water Haulers: 2+ Years Experience
  • Refrigerated Haulers: 2+ Years Experience
  • On Site Sand Coordinator: 1+ Years Experience


  • Sales & Trading: 2-3+ Years Experience | Sand, Chemicals, Crude Oil, Logistics Services
  • Freight Broker: 3+ Years Experience | Air, Rail, Marine, Truckload, Customs
  • Schedulers & Dispatchers: 2+ Years Experience | Truck, Rail, Barge, Vessel, Air